RS41 Tracker

RS41 Tracker is a software running on Windows that it’s able to decode telemetries generated by Vaisala RS41 radiosondes.

Used in conjunction with a FM radio receiver it allows operators to display radiosonde positions on a map and to control other meaningful parameters like temperature, wind speed/direction and burst killer related information.

All in real time.

SDR++ Version 1.0.4

SDR++ is an open source, cross platform, C++ based GUI general receiver program for various SDRs including the RTL-SDR. Since it’s alpha release in mid 2020, it has undergone huge amount of development, and is quickly becoming the main program of choice for many users due to it’s efficiency, cross platform and multi-SDR hardware support and increasing feature set. And with an easy GUI very similar to that of SDR#, it’s easy for most users to learn.

Recently version 1.0.0 of the SDR++ software has recently been released. This is the first non-beta stable version, so represents a major milestone in development.