GB7BED Packet Node & BBS Bedford IO92rd
(Formerly GB7UOD & MB7NBD)

GB7BED offers a BBS, Chat and RF access on :-

070.350MHz – AX25 1200Bps Access – Attended Operation Only
144.950MHz – AX25 1200Bps Access
432.675MHz – AX25 1200Bps Access

Links to other reputable nodes with mail forwarding and AMPRNet accessible.


Software is currently linBPQ running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM. APRS Digi / Igate also on the same linBPQ software.

Attached are 3x SIMOCO SRM9000 (E0, AC & TK) radios connected to 3x AEA PK88 TNCs. I realise that this can be done on a single PI with Direwolf etc nowadays but I like hardware and serial ports and flashy LEDs.

T2UK –

T2UK is an APRSC server for the APRS2 network. It is hosted in a data centre in London.