Radio Stuff

A collection of my radio post and projects.

  • War Driving
    I have been using the Wigle Android app for a while now but wanted to build a Kali/Raspberry/Kismet device. I have a spare Raspberry Pi3B and GPS unit so just needed a battery pack and some USB WiFi dongles. First attempts were recorded to USB memory stick but later replaced by configuring the device as an access point and using SSL to login and retrieve files.
  • Flight Cases
    I have replaced and combined the Radio Cabinet and the Radio Bag with flight cases. The cabinet took up a lot of space and was near impossible to move around due to weight. I can now divide the equipment, and weight, up into several flight cases. Change is frequent and its now a lot easier to move the cases around and modify the configurations etc. The current three sections are Mesh, Radio and Network. “Mesh” at the top has the AREDN Node and the Raspberry Pi Servers and the Mesh Mikrotik Router. “Radio” in the middle has the SIMOCO radios […]
  • MESH Box
    I needed a go box of mesh stuffs that could be deployed quickly and contain some PIs, an access point and an AREDN node. I am quite fond of the Really Useful Box series and have a number of them with project parts and tools in etc. So I choose a 9L box to try and fit some bits in.
  • Testing External PtP MESH Nodes using Ubiquity Nano Stations
  • Battery Box
    I have always wanted an ammo battery box, so it was time to build one. Requirements were a volt meter, USB charging socket and connections for radios etc.
  • Radio Cabinet
  • Replacing my FT-857D Selector Encoder
    I have had my Yeasu FT-857D for a long time and the tiny, fragile selector knob had been getting worse over the years until it finally broke off ! Time to replace it. The replacement selector switch was easily available from Yeasu UK and arrived the next day.
  • SIMOCO SRM9000 Radios
    I have three SIMOCO radios now :- E0 – 4mAC – 2MTK – 70cms
  • My Landy
    Wiring the radio and computer in to my Landy.
  • Radio Bag