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SMBT Fenny Stratford Exchange / Bletchley (MK) – bRAS

Took a trip out to investigate our local bRAS building.

BT Wholesale has ten 20/21CN bRAS which are located at Birmingham, Bletchley (MK), Ealing, Edinburgh, Ilford, Kingston, Manchester, Reading, Sheffield, Faraday. If your ISP uses BT Wholesale for routing then you can be sure that all your traffic will have passed through one of the above bRAS locations.

There are a large number of network companies present at this site as indicated by the network chamber covers outside in the street.

My Mapped BT Exchanges ( work in progress )

My Mapped Eire Telecom Exchanges ( work in progress )

Submarine Cables & Landing Stations

The physical connectivity of the Internet is of great fascination to me. From Submarine Cables and Cable Landing Stations to fibre ducts running up and down the country between Exchanges and POPs.