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#WWWD Wireless Village DC31 Wardriving Contest Last Day.

Driving an hour before work and several hours after the coverage has been good. 7 out of 8 foxes found but the last one remains elusive !

It wasn’t until the competition had started and my grid was committed that I realised that location, grid size and previously discovered networks was everything. Looking at the leaderboard it was clear to see the skill was in the choosing of the right grid.

I not going to win but it has been good fun and I have learnt a lot. Next year I will make better choices !

Update : The contest has finished and the scores are in. I have improved on last year’s ranking.

War Driving Device – Project Write Up

I have been using the Wigle Android app for a while now but wanted to build a Kali/Raspberry/Kismet device. I have a spare Raspberry Pi3B and GPS unit so just needed a battery pack and some USB WiFi dongles.

First attempts were recorded to USB memory stick but later replaced by configuring the device as an access point and using SSL to login and retrieve files.