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Tower PAA10 – Bedford

This originally caught my interest because it all looked wonky. After posting on Twitter it was highlighted as a phase transposition by @DiverTomJG

“The majority of double CCT lines are transposed by having different phasing on each CCT. Line transpositions are only really seen on the original 1930’s 132kV grid lines which were predominantly long distance single CCT.” @DiverTomJG

“This DC tower was built at a later date and is an addition to the original line. I would guess its addition was to increase the ground clearance to allow them to build the housing estate below.” @DiverTomJG

Tower POA143 – Great Denholm

This tower caught my eye because of the attachments. After posting on Twitter the attachments were identified as Optical Attached Cables (OPAC) by @Neil_Hardiman

I later stopped at Cut Throat Lane Switching Station, Bedford, on way home from work where you can see the OPACs terminating.

Incorporation of Optical Attached Cable and Conductors Carrying Optical Fibres into the Existing Overhead Line Network: Design and Construction

Installation of Fibre Optic Cable(s) on Steel Tower 132kV Circuits (including Fibre Wrap Method)