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A house that isn’t a house.

Cable landing stations come in various forms. Mainly industrial buildings but here is one on a housing estate hidden inside two houses. The inner walls and floors have been removed to house the fibre terminating equipment. The four large air con units outside give it away. The garage houses the backup generator.

Proposed Equipment Building Plan

Proposed Equipment Building Plan

Data Centers in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has a number of Data Centres. The Linford Wood area seems to have a concentration of Data Processing and Data Centre companies and fibre cables and dat a connectivity providers.

My Mapped Data Centers ( work in progress )

MK Data Vault Survey Document

MK Data Vault Glossy

The Secrets of Cornwall by Mark Thomas.

This video started my interest in searching further for the hidden buildings and ducts that make up the Internet Backbone of the UK.

Watched this video several hundred times pausing and following Mark’s journey mapping the sites he visited. Also used a number of sources like Secret Bases and Internet Maps to map other interesting sites. Some sites were found by endlessly and painfully zooming and scrolling Google Maps !

I have made up several KML files locating each these sites and the route of the GTN and other fibre cables.

My Mapped Points Of The Internet Backbone ( work in progress )

My Mapped Points of The National Grid ( work in progress )

Fibre Repeater Sites

Collected from a number of sources like Secret Bases and Internet Maps and some painfully located on Google Maps by endlessly zooming and scrolling !

Marine Tank Stuff

Mandarin Fish (Steve)

Work Stuff